Godzilla statues in Japan

Andrea Doimo
2 min readFeb 13, 2021

One of the many popular icons in japan is Godzilla, these are my chance encounters.

In 2008 this was the only popular sighting of Godzilla.
The mask was a sort of demonstration against nuclear energy.

Quite fitting considering the origins of this Kaiju.

( 2008-12-26)

In 2014 I passed this statue again. No mask this time but it was still there, posing for the tourists.

( 2014–10–14)

In 2016 in Shinjuku I noticed this real-size (or at least quite big) head, along with a clawed paw.


The above image was quite zoomed, this one shows better the proportions against to the futuristic TOHO/Imax building.

Every now and then you can hear the typical roar of this beast.

Finally in 2018 I went to the original Godzilla site and found that the entire area was rebuilt in 2016, replaced by a gigantic shopping mall (Tojyo Midtown Hibiya).

The original statue is now inside the building, and just outside they made this awesome representation of the Godzilla from the 1954 movie, way big than the other one.


There is another statue at Setagaya in front of the TOHO studios, I’ll get there in the next trip!



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